I am a passionate, pragmatic programmer and clean coder living in the south of Germany.

In my professional life (21+ yrs) I work as a contractor focusing on Android apps with Kotlin or distributed applications/micro services with Kotlin/Scala/Go and REST API deployed on AWS.
I played roles as system/business process analyst, architect, designer, coder, coach, mentor, trainer, technical writer, scrum master, team lead and CTO. But whatever you call it, I generally love creating innovative products in the most agile way possible.

I also co-founded 2 companies so I guess there is some entrepreneurial blood inside of me ...

I am generally interested in lots of things (and not only programming ;-) so in my unpaid time I pursue stuff like functional reactive programming/stream processing, Neo4J/Couchbase, Docker, DigitalOcean/Heroku, and all kinds of APIs ... and whenever I can think of a convincing case I now create a wetfeet tutorial for it.

In my other life I spend time with my family, meet friends, read, watch movies, ride my bicycle, play the saxophone, travel, dance salsa ...

You can contact (and follow) me here:

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