tutorial description tags
Akka An actor toolkit and runtime for building concurrent & distributed applications scala concurrency
Esper A complex event processing library cep
Freemarker generate text-based data with templates templating
Gson process JSON data easily JSON
Google Guice Inject dependencies
hsqldb Access hsqldb programmatically in-memory db JDBC
JavaCSV Process CSV data easily CSV
Jetty Start up Jetty programmatically web
JUnit Unit test your Java code with the classic unit testing Java library test
Logback A sophisticated (and SLF4J compliant) logging framework logging
MongoDB Get started with noSQL and mongodb db noSQL
PostgreSQL Access postgreSQL programmatically db JDBC
RESTEasy Access RESTful webservices REST api web
SLF4J The simple logging facade for Java logging
Twirl Get started with the Scala Twirl template engine scala templating
Wink Access RESTful webservices apache REST api web